The voice of stripes (2015)

Sound Installation
Ultra-Sonic speaker, Vibration speaker, Printed Polyvinyl, Pre-recorded soundtrack with Player

Stripes can be depicted with certain descriptions which can be also applied to those of music or sound; tones, sequences, movement, rhythms, harmonies, proportions, and so on. (Pastoureau, M., 2001, The Devil's Cloth: A History of Stripes and Striped Fabric)

Rigidly fixed lines on a surface are static but we seem to be under an illusion that they are moving, just like a piece of music.

Stripes start with a line, which starts with a dot, which seems to be the departure point. Once the dot leaves the point, it makes a track and the trace of the track becomes a line. Life is an accumulation of making lines through experiences and journeying along these lines.Yet, it is impossible to predict where the lines we draw through the journey of our lives are heading towards: being is always uncertain.Consequently, the pattern of stripes that a person creates can never be identical with those of another. That is what we call ‘personality'

Graphic score for The voice of stripes by HWANYUN

algorithms composition for The voice of stripes by HWANYUN

There are two ways to understand and feel about clothes. One is to wear them oneself, the other is to view them, either worn by someone or hanging on display.Music similarly has these immersive and observational modes. One either listens while making music oneself, or one hears it preformed by someone else, or even played by a machine.The installation reflects this, inviting the audience to simultaneously experience the garment and composition as two linked performance/displays. The choice of speakers enables the listener to participate in how they listen to the composition. The vibration speaker uses the display itself as a source of sound, creating an ambient background to the viewing experience.The ultrasonic speaker, by contrast, invites the audience to position themselves carefully at the focal point where the full composition can be clearly heard. Even when only on display, both music and clothes encourage a desire for participation.